Hey thanks for dropping in.  My name is Angela Kellsey, and I'm the owner/designer of Uprise Jewelry.
This "About" page is about me and written by me.

I didn't hire a professional to make my 'story' sound more appealing.  So you'll have to forgive me if I bore you to tears or I make use of the wrong words.  

I always say the wrong thing. I'm quiet and reserved. BUT on the inside I feel like there really is a wild, and crazy outgoing person clawing to come out. If only I could be like that on the outside.

When I started designing jewelry it instantly became my passion, because it was a way for me to communicate and express my complex soul. 

Even though I'm completely awkward at speaking (and possibly writing), I'm a pretty good singer which was my dream job before jewelry design.  A lot of the love I had for performance also comes out through my designs. 

When you wear a piece of my hand sculpted jewelry, my hope is that you feel the desire to perform (literally or figuratively). I hope you feel the empowerment it brings to you and the ability to express YOUR complex soul.  Because when you wear a piece by Uprise; You are a modern day warrior: empowering, strong, and don't forget -

a little bit...