Defy all the rest with handcrafted statement jewelry for your edgy wanderer soul.


Beautiful Craftsmanshop. I cannot recommend this shop enough. Thank you!

Lara Noelle

Well made!! Cool product!! Seller is great!! Wonderful Service!!

The Nancyo

I absolutely love it all so much it makes me want more! Incredibly stunning! Pieces you would wear for a special occasion but so beautiful you want to wear everyday and can!! 

Brenda Lietz

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It's an uprising!

I've struggled with the name 'Unparalleled' since the beginning. Though I loved its complexity and meaning; as far as business names go, it really ...

Welcome to Unparalleled

I'm so happy to welcome you to my new website. It's my first time being on a  platform where I can sell directly to my customers: no middle man lik...