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Welcome to Uprise Jewelry

This is jewelry for my fellow misfits. Wildly proud of who we are. Who live life only one way. Yours.

Here you'll find jewelry — hand-sculpted, perfectly crafted, polymer clay collections — that were made for you. Bold bracelets. Eccentric earrings. Noticeable necklaces. Radical rings.

This was designed for you. Welcome!


It is absolutely fabulous. I am very happy with the quality, size, and all the handcrafted details. It is exactly what I hoped it would be.

Cauldron Necklace


Well made!! Cool product!! Seller is great!! Wonderful Service!!

Globe Cuff Bracelet

The Nancyo

I absolutely love it all so much it makes me want more! Incredibly stunning! Pieces you would wear for a special occasion but so beautiful you want to wear everyday and can!! 

Triforce Necklace

Reni Cuff 

Brenda Lietz

Incredibly fast shipping. Absolutely perfect. Thank you so much.

Steel Boomerang Necklace


Absolutely love this cuff! Will buy again as I am very pleased and highly recommend this seller. Good product!

Steampunk Bracelet

Dori B

I love my mad max inspired necklace!!!

Rusted Steel Necklace

Cathy M

Love the cuff. Unique, comfortable and great service.

Black Rocker Cuff

Tracy M

I had wanted this for some time and I'm so glad I purchased it. It is lovely and very eye catching! Super fast shipping.

Vampire Diaries Necklace

Brenda L

The necklace is perfect! I love everything about these two pieces! So many little details! Beautiful work! I can't wait to see your future product lines and I hope to see more "grungey" accessories! 

Rusted Steel Necklace

Reni Cuff


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