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Welcome to Unparalleled

I'm so happy to welcome you to my new website. It's my first time being on a  platform where I can sell directly to my customers: no middle man like on Etsy. It feels kind of liberating! 

If you are local to me in Parksville and would like to purchase from me, you can purchase online here; [and there's a special code to receive free shipping (meaning we meet up for you to get your stuff)]

{sorry about all the brackets. You'll find out soon enough how much I love to use brackets.}

Or if you ever want to meet up to see what I have already made, just let me know and I can take credit card or debit on the spot.  

I will try to write blog posts about my passion of jewelry, nature, and empowerment when I have the chance.  I'm also a work-at-home-mom to two children, so may not always write as often as I would like.  

I would love to direct you to look at my new Elevation Collection I just released last week. My passion for nature and island living has been the inspiration for this collection.  You will notice the necklaces look like little mountain dioramas.

When I started sculpting the mountains for the first time, this is not what I intended to happen at all.  But like most of my creations, something entirely different from my initial vision emerged, and the creative process took on new twists I never saw coming.  

I have many other ideas stemming from the mountain dioramas just puttering around inside my head.  I hope to find time soon to sit down to work on what's going on up there. 

This is all she wrote at the moment.  If you want to read more about Unparalleled head on over to the "About" page

Please don't forget to check out what's for sale of my made-to-order jewelry and treasure boxes.  

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