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It's an uprising!

I've struggled with the name 'Unparalleled' since the beginning. Though I loved its complexity and meaning; as far as business names go, it really was a poor choice. It's tough to say, spell, and write. Nothing you want in a name to be remembered.

When my business started out I was 'Unparalleled Clay Creations'. It fit the bill at the time because I really didn't have a set style in mind for what I created. As my business evolved so did my design style.  "Clay Creations' had to be removed because I found that people were thrown by the word 'clay'.

Of course just 'Unparalleled' was too common so I threw the 'cc' at the end.  Talk about confusing, right?

Anyhoo I've blabbed enough about that.

Long story short, I've now changed my business to Uprise Jewelry.  I love it, and I hope you will too! 

P.S I'm still trying to get my Facebook page and Etsy shop to match the name change. It's proving to be a difficult task for them to cooperate though.  Wish me luck it happens soon.

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