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I've been inspired by witchcraft a lot lately, so much so that I created an entire collection of jewelry around the subject. Titled the Alchemy Collection set to launch May 1st at 8 pm PST. 

Now I am a total newbie here!  All I can say is that I've always been fascinated by witchcraft and never really knew why. I don’t think I need to understand it fully, but I feel inclined to embrace that curiosity any way I feel comfortable with. And you should do the same if you’re in the same situation: finding yourself drawn to all things ‘witchy’. 

Before the idea of this witch-inspired collection came to mind, I’d been lucky enough to associate with some amazing people who believe in the power of the universe, and the acceptance that our thoughts become things. To me this is all a form of magic.  I've also become increasingly interested in crystals, tarot cards (not that I read them myself), and the phases of the moon. If there were more hours in the day, I would engulf myself in the knowledge of all things metaphysical.

Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned, or old time witch, you’ll know that when you purchase something for the intention of using it in magick, or just to get rid of the energies that surround it, you would want to do a cleansing first.  

I'm obviously no expert, but there are several ways to cleanse an item and there is also consecrating and charging. 

I'm going to tell you right now that some of these methods cannot be done with polymer clay jewelry.  But here are ways you CAN cleanse your new polymer clay piece:

~ You can pour or spray a little water on your piece but not submerge

*avoid the salt water though because that can erode the material

~ Smoke cleansing should be okay in theory.  I have not tested this method and in no way can be held responsible for anything that can go awry here. 

*Do not pass through a fire flame.  That would scorch your piece for sure.

~ Placing the jewelry piece in the moonlight over night 

~ Placing the jewelry in sunlight should also be fine; but please note that it will make your piece feel very soft and appear to be able to be bent and reshaped. Please don't do that, or it will break for sure!

~ Crystal and sound cleansing.

If you're a new witch or wannabe like myself, read this article that I found about cleansing.

There you have it! Those are the ways that I know of cleansing and charging safely with polymer clay.  Feel free to leave me a comment with other methods that you'd like me to explore.

I'm always on the look out for some good articles and resources regarding wicca and witchcraft. Please feel free to leave a comment with something related to the subject. 

 ~ Angela

Photographer: Alexandria Salmieri

View Alexandria's blog post about her photoshoot with Uprise Jewelry.

Model: Isis of Ivory Elegance Events

Hair: Sierra Waine with Beauty by Creative at Heart

Makeup: Beauty by Creative at Heart



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